Doula is a Greek word that means woman caregiver.

DONA International defines a Birth Doula as a trained and experienced labor companion who provides the birthing person and their partner continuous emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in obtaining information before, during and just after childbirth.

     I feel so blessed to be invited into the amazing and sacred space of the birthing time. It is an honor and a privilege. 

     I completed my Birth Doula training at Enlightened Mama in 2012. I am certified thru DONA and also registered with the State of MN. I accept two to four doula clients a month. It is best practice to always have a back-up doula and I am very happy to have an amazing Partner Doula, Ami Rickson of Mother Root Doula. I am also a member of the Childbirth Collective.

     My training and experience includes coping measures, breathwork,  visualization, pressure point relief, soft tissue massage and positioning. My role is as an educator and a coach and I will model techniques for birth partners to allow them to fully participate.

     My doula package includes two prenatal visits for childbirth education, to fully discuss your birth intentions, to get to know one another, and to practice comfort techniques that might be helpful during labor.  When labor begins, I can meet you at your home or place of delivery. I will stay with you continuously until baby arrives. I will provide support initially postpartum to facilitate mama-baby bonding and to help establish breastfeeding. Then expect two postnatal visits for breastfeeding, postnatal recovery including checking for an abdominal separation and connecting you with any additional resources...and sometimes I get to hold your baby!!

Click HERE for more details, testimonials and my availability thru DoulaMatch

Lactation Support

     Postnatal Support:  I offer private in-home lactation support for positioning, latch and common breastfeeding issues such as sore nipples or engorgement. Visits are coordinated with approximate feeding time for your baby.

For more information email me via my Contact Page. If you would like to make an appointment please see my Scheduling Page. If Pregnant, Please include your due/guess date and your planned birth location if you have decided. If PostNatal, Please include your location, baby's age and reason for consultation.

Thank You!!