My philosophy for prenatal yoga is that pregnancy is a special time to begin bonding. It is a blessing to slow down and connect with your breath, building ojas and resiliency for labor and, furthermore, for parenthood which will last a lifetime. The breathwork and meditations are truly life skills that carryover and can become tools in your toolbox for all phases..the terrific twos to the crazy teen years. Prenatal yoga can give you an opportunity to feel grounded despite tremendous transitions occurring without your control physically and spiritually as you transition to your new parenthood role while knowing that you remain your true soul self.  We use movement and postures to gain flexibility and strength as baby and belly grow.  Prenatal yoga also offers a supportive community of other women going through a similar yet unique experience and thus space to share and learn from each other. 

Please contact me directly with any questions regarding yoga during pregnancy. 


 Prenatal Yoga at Studion 6 in Hopkins

Sundays 9:15am 75 minutes  

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 Pranamama Childbirth Education: 

Birthing Person and their Birth Partner

In-Your-Home Private Childbirth Education   


During this fun and interactive session couples will learn a variety of yoga based coping techniques for labor and delivery. Couples will practice what they learn and will receive a packet of information and tools for the birthing room! Special attention is given to the birth partner, who will be mentored in labor support. Great for birthing persons who have goals of unmedicated birth, as well as those who are open to pain medication.

Depending on your needs we can vary our session. I recommend 2-two hour sessions.

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